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Our commitment to society, and to our clients, have always been guided by the principles of business ethics. As well as the permanent supervision of human rights, we support the development of society. With these goals in mind, we actively participate in local projects for the primary benefit of the community.

Our commitment

Founded in 1990 by parents of children with disabilities, is a non-profit association that aims to improve the infants’ quality of life.

ODS donated 16 desktops that are beneficial for its partners and members to use. Because of this, it created a direct impact on Orobal by reinforcing its educational material and activities.

Asociación Deportiva Drago

We sponsor Drago F.C, the local football team based in Tenerife, the Canary Islands.

We managed to boost their participation and presence at La Liga Teide with sports clothing and training equipment.

We believe that sports represent the spirit of ODS perfectly, which include teamwork, effort, and passion.

Supporting and investing in dreams on all kinds of levels are a part of our aspects as a company.

Frequently asked questions

Who can request a collaboration?

At Open Data Security we support any type of cause, as long as it complies with our values. Contact us and we will give you more information.

What kind of projects do Open Data Security NOT support?

At Open Data Security we will not support those projects with political purposes or that fail with the aforementioned basis. Still, you can always contact us to give us more details about your proposal.

What is Open Data Security looking for in a collaboration request?

First of all, that it meets our application requirements mentioned above. Secondly we would like you to detail all the possible information about the association and its cause, as well as the specific project that you would like to promote with our help. And in third place the contact data of the person responsible for the project.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

You can call us on +44 203 034 0056 (UK) /+1 347 669 9174 (US) or complete the form below and we will answer all your questions.

What kind of projects do Open Data Security support?

As a company that seeks to support social development at all levels, Open Data Security will cover those projects that comply with the respect and vigilance of human rights, especially those associations of local scope.

What is the amount of funds available?

At Open Data Security we are open to negotiations. Send us your request and we will let you know what funds may be allocated to your project.

How do I send an application?

You can send us your request through the form below.

Want us to support your cause?

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