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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to perform the test that appears on the Open Data Security website to enter the selection process?

The test is not mandatory, but it will be decisive when evaluating the candidacy of technical profiles.

I am a freelancer, can I apply for a vacancy?

Of course. You can send your request through the contact form of this page.

Can I apply through LinkedIn or another web platform?

Of course. However, we do not always have open calls and maybe we do not have offers uploaded to LinkedIn, so we recommend that even if you do not see published offers, you can send us your application as well. We will take it into account for possible vacancies.

I want to do my final thesis or master's degree with Open Data Security.

In that case, do not hesitate to send us your application and tell us your case. We are waiting for you!

Can I do the interview by videoconference?

At Open Data Security we always prefer a direct contact in order to make a proper and complete evaluation, but we understand the circumstances and we are open to having interviews by videoconference.

What kind of profiles do Open Data Security look for?

Currently Open Data Security has several open selection processes that you can find in our LinkedIn profile.
Whatever your profession is, we will be happy to receive your candidacy.

Is there a possibility to work remotely?

Yes, at Open Data Security we promote remote work in certain cases. Send us your application and we will evaluate it.

Does Open Data Security also look for students to complete their internship? In that case, are they paid practices?

At Open Data Security we are committed to a practical training and we are open to any type of application, whether you are a student or have completed your training. The only, requierement would be that you have the possibility of a training agreement with the center where you study.

The remuneration for the practices will depend on each case, but we are open to an economic compensation.

How long would it take to receive an answer about the status of my candidacy?

At Open Data Security we receive many applications every day, but we try to answer each and every one of the applications that come to us. Even so, you can call us on +44 203 034 0056 (UK) /+1 347 669 9174 (US) for any questions. Thank you for your patience!

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