Recover your files from a cyberattack


We identify and recover the residual data after a computer attack by the application of scientific and rigorous procedures. We also analyze which methods and techniques have been used to access the systems.

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This is our file recovery method

Identify the computer equipment

We collect the devices that need to be analysed and determine the files that need to be recovered.

Analyse the device

We carry out the file recovery process* through the analysis of the hard disks, and the extraction of information of interest on how the attack took place. It is also possible to remove the ransomware from the computer during this process.

Draw up a report

We send you a report with the results of the analysis. In the report, we evaluate the data compiled, and explain the procedures that were carried out to recover the files.

*The success rate would depend on level of the damage caused by the perpetrator

Why can’t you access your files?

Certain computer attacks, such as ransomware, block your access to the devices while it encrypts the information contained in them.

The goal behind this type of cyberattack is to demand a ransom in exchange for the stolen information and the user’s control over the equipment. However, we warn you NOT to pay the ransom because cybercriminals DON’T return stolen data to you.


You can also learn how the incident occurred, and how to avoid it in the future in the forensic analysis while we recover your data

The benefits you get from computer forensics

Chance of recovering all of your files, or part of your files.

Knowledge on the source of how the attack or vulnerability occurred.

Guarantee of validity on the digital evidence before you file for a potential police report.

Greater protection on your devices if you follow the report’s security recommendations.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to perform a forensic test?

The estimation of the time required to perform a forensic test will depend on the damage caused and the severity level in each case.

How much does the service cost?

The estimate of the budget for a forensic test will depend on the damage caused and the level of severity of the attack. Tell us your case and we will give you more information.

Is a total recovery guaranteed?

At Open Data Security we work hard to help our clients and provide coverage in the fastest and most effective way possible. However, there are external factors that influence the file recovery process, preventing, in certain cases, the 100% recovery of all data.

Do you cover legal advice (GDPR)?

Yes, we do. At Open Data Security we have a specialized team in the new General Data Protection Regulation that will advise you at all times.

Do I have to hire a notary?

The current legislation requires a notary to be present throughout the process to ensure that all tests are conducted within the legal framework, so the company will be required to be responsible for hiring a notary. At Open Data Security we can help you in the process and advise you at all times.

How is the validity of the digital tests guaranteed?

At Open Data Security we have qualified forensic computer scientists who, together with a notary, can guarantee the validity of the tests.

What happens if you can not recover all the data?

In that case, we will explain what are the best options and how to act so that it does not happen again.

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